Aesthetic Lens

Correcting Aesthetic & Physiological Eye Defects with Contact Lenses The Corrective Lenses Are Custom-Designed

Aesthetic defects in the structure of the eye can be congenital or the result of an injury or illness.

There are a variety of aesthetic defects, including: asymmetry between the eyes, squinting that cannot be surgically corrected, a gray color as a result of corneal scars, albinism, growth of the eyeball as expressed in a large cornea, and more.

A defect can be very prominent or relatively insignificant, but for the patient it is often unbearable, severely damaging their self-esteem and self-confidence.

In such cases, the aesthetic problem can be solved with a custom-designed contact lens created in accordance with the size and color of the normal eye in order to give the patient a natural, aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

Corrective lenses are designed through a special process that includes taking precise measurements such as pupil size in bright, medium, and dim lights, the refractive vision of both eyes, visual acuity, iris color, scanning the cornea, corneal mapping, and more.

The service is provided at Enaim Medical Center branches in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva and Haifa.

To schedule an appointment, please contact  Omer Gonen, a senior optometrist who specializes in contact lenses:

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