Electronic glasses for the treatment of Amblyopia in children


corrective therapeutic solution for children from the ages of three to ten years of age.
Designed quite similarly to that of children's eyeglasses, Amblyz glasses feature an LCD lens that intermittently occludes the child's healthy eye, compelling the weaker eye to strengthen its visual acuity. The child does not sense the occurrence of this process, thereby averting adverse effects such as pain and discomfort as associated with wearing an eye patch. Additionally, this remedial regimen encourages a child to feel comfortable with his surroundings as well as himself.
Amblyz glasses are intended exclusively for young children, as their visual networks are still developing and therefore have the potential to be improved. If a child should require glasses additionally for near/far sightedness or astigmatism, Amblyz electronic glasses can be modified to address these issues if a prescription is supplied by an authorized optometrist.
Amblyz glasses are a creation of XPAND, the world's largest developer of of 3D technology for scientific applications, medical equipment, robotics, military equipment and cinema. The technical development of these glasses is based on a patent owned by Dr. Omri Ben Ezra, an Israeli physician. He lead a research and development team that was challenged with finding a solution to Amblyopia that would be comfortable, practical and aesthetically pleasing for parents and children alike. The corrective process was designed to enhance the participation of children, therefore encouraging a child's willingness to cooperate.

Failure of treatment can result in a multitude of serious complications:

  • The development of severe visual impairments including Strabismus
  • If visual function of the weaker eye remains so, a child may lose his ability for depth perception.
  • Failure to treat Amblyopia can result in an inability to watch 3D movies or play 3D games.
  • As a child matures and reaches adulthood, his ability to maintain employment in certain professions can be affected. For example, flying aircraft or driving heavy vehicles can be prohibitive.
  • A person untreated may perceive his world as "flat" –no depth perception.
  • Lack of repair can place the child at much higher risk for serious visual impairments if the healthy eye should be injured or affected by ocular disease.

Benefits of Amblyz glasses:

  • This remedy repairs Amblyopia without pain or discomfort for the child
  • As this system occludes vision in the healthy eye for short periods of time, without a child feeling its changes, child compliance will be more appreciable.
  • Periodic occlusion of the healthy eyes coerces the eyes to exercise binocular vision.
  • Higher compliance rates lead increased efficacy of treatment.( In comparison to other treatments available)
  • Comfortable and easy for the child to handle.
  • Design is identical to regular glasses.
  • Frames of glasses are light in weight and free the child from stigma associated with eye patches.
  • Advantageous to healthy eye, as no atropine drops or patches are required.
  • Reassuring for parents when they see that their child is not struggling or suffering from treatment.
  • No need to calibrate glasses as a licensed optometrist performs these functions.
  • The frames are composed of a very durable plastic material.
  • The inside of the frame is rubber-coated to ensure comfort on daily use and precise fit.
  • The child can enjoy a normal lifestyle.
  • Utilization of liquid crystal which has been FDA approved.
  • Approved for sale according to the European CE.
  • Effectiveness proven through clinical studies
  • Amblyz glasses incorporate prescription corrective lenses as well therefore enabling the wearer to correct any visual deficiencies with one pair of glasses.