Artificial Eyes

-'Enaim Eye-Tech' Creating Customoized artificial eyes & scleral lenses

Losing an eye due to injury or illness is a difficult ordeal that is accompanied by not only physical injury but also the psychological and emotional damage resulting both from the loss itself and its associated aesthetic damage. In the event of total loss of vision, there is the added difficulty of adjusting to monocular vision and the reduction of the visual field, which distorts depth and visual-spatial perception.

An aesthetic injury that causes reduced  self-esteem and self-confidence can be overcome by using a prosthetic eye or scleral lens designed to mimic the appearance of the healthy eye and fitted in accordance with the structure of the eye socket.

Eye contact is the first connection that people make with each other. At Enaim Eye-Tech Laboratories, we view our work as vital to our patients' quality of life, improving their aesthetic appearance so they can benefit from improved self-esteem and confidence in social situations.

Enaim Eye-Tech Laboratories, part of the Enaim – Dr. Levinger Group, comprises a team of experts in custom-made artificial eyes and scleral lenses. This complex craft is practiced by Avi Mansour, Eldad Saida, and Eli Levinger – all ocularists with many years of experience. The team works professionally and patiently to improve aesthetic appearance, while providing emotional support for patients who are experiencing the loss of an eye.


Enaim Eye-Tech Laboratories are licensed service providers to the Israeli Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense.

Enaim Eye-Tech Laboratories has two branches: Ashdar Building, 8 Kook St., Jerusalem and Azrieli Towers, Tel Aviv.