Compatibility Examination

A comprehensive, meticulous eye examination is crucial for the success of the surgery. This examination examines data such as: the cornea's thickness, number, topography of the cornea, intraocular pressure, eye diseases and physiological problems such as dryness in the eyes, and more.

Only approximately 70% of those who are examined are found to be suitable surgery candidates. Without a thorough compatibility examination, unsuitable candidates may undergo surgery using methods that are inappropriate for them.

At Enaim Medical Centers, a compatibility examination includes a comprehensive diagnosis of the eye, and it lasts approximately 3 hours, including the waiting time.

Examination Phases:

  • A computerized personal file is opened, and you will be asked to complete a detailed health questionnaire.
  • A medical technician will photograph your eye and perform a cornea scan via topography, scan, and CV (coefficient of variation), the most sophisticated of its type in the world.
  • An experienced senior optometrist who is certified by the Ministry of Health will examine your visual acuity and quality.
  • You will view a film that explains various methods of refractive laser eye surgery.
  • An ophthalmologist will perform a complete examination of the structure of the cornea and its thickness; dilate the pupils; examine the eyeball and the bottom of the eye; and measure intraocular pressure and pupil circumference. You should mention to the doctor any recent changes in your health, or if you currently suffer from any health problems.
  • The ophthalmologist will summarize the findings of the examinations.
  • If you are found to be a suitable candidate, the physician will recommend the type of surgery appropriate for you, coordinate with you your expectations regarding the results of the surgery, and will explain the possible side effects and risks.
  • You will be referred to the surgical coordinator, who will give you information that will enable you to prepare for the surgery.
  • If, based on the findings of his examination, the ophthalmologist decides that you are not a suitable candidate for refractive laser eye surgery, you may still be able to stop wearing glasses by undergoing an alternative procedure such as an intraocular lens implant.

Please Note!

Do not hesitate to ask the ophthalmologist and surgical coordinator any question that is bothering you before the surgery.

You can be confident regarding the results of your eye examination. Enaim Medical Center performs the most rigorous eye examination, and if you are found to be a suitable refractive laser eye surgery candidate, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place.

Enaim's expert ophthalmologists, who have a wealth of experience, perform surgeries using the most state-of-the-art methods and medical technology in existence today.

  • Dilating the pupils causes sensitivity to light. It is therefore advisable that you bring sunglasses and have someone escort you to the center on the day you are examined.
  • You must not wear contact lenses when you come to the examination, because lenses change the shape of the cornea, affecting test results. Stop wearing soft contact lenses 48 hours prior to the exam, and hard contact lenses one week before.