PTK Laser Surgery

PTK (phototherapeutic keratectomy) laser surgery, expedited frequently at 'Enaim' Medical Center, is performed to improve conditions involving corneal damage and/or corneal scarring. This treatment is not indicated to correct vision or to eliminate the need for glasses. A disorder that PTK treatment proves most effectual is for recurrent corneal erosion. This condition is characterized by sudden intense pain, eye redness, and sensitivity to light, especially during morning hours when an individual first opens his or her eyes. The opening and closing of ones eyelids can cause tearing of the fragile epithelial layer following a nights' sleep.


The PTK procedure involves the use of a laser beam that "polishes" the portion of the cornea where a lesion is located. The epithelial cells that form the outer layer of the cornea are removed by this type of laser surgery.


The operation is followed by a two weeks  recovery period that permits the epithelial cells to regenerate and heal.


During the first two weeks following PTK surgery, a patient is required to wear a therapeutic contact lens that protects the treated area from contact with the eyelid thereby reducing pain and irritation.  Additionally, the therapeutic lens will permit the treated epithelial cells to heal optimally. The patient receives an analgesic (for pain) and antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection.


For patients who suffer from myopia, it is sometimes possible to correct both the refractive problem as well as corneal damage using LASEK/PRK (photorefractive keratectomy).